Health & Safety legislation tells us that companies should take all the measures necessary to protect their employees in the work place. You are expected to carry out a risk assesment and look for measures to help reduce risk of injury within the workplace.

According to studies 40% of the population are affected by back pain, which can my them vulnerable when lifting or working in industrial, agricultural or even office environment.

H.T.M. TRADECO now offers Back Support Belts that could save you £££'s in claims against your company, by employees. Training employees in lifting is one way to protect your company from such claims but by also providing your workforce with Back Support Belts you are taking extra positive measures to help prevent back injury from occuring.

The beauty of our belts are that they:

  • Provide lower back and abdominal support
  • Have built-in lumber back stabilisers which promote proper posture

Not only that, they also act as a constant reminder to the workforce, of the correct techniques of liffting whilst restricting some movement helping to maintain the correct posture.

"The term reasonably practicable is used in much of UK health and safety law. It means that the degree of risk in a particular job or workplace needs to be balanced against the time, trouble, cost and physical difficulty of taking measures to avoid or reduce the risk" (Health & Safety Executive, 2004)

These belts are Available in a variety of sizes and styles

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